August 1, 2015


Despite Haiti’s poverty and the additional suffering caused by the 2010 earthquake, Haitians have never lost the will to survive, better their lives and educate their children. Improving schools for Haiti’s most vulnerable children, particularly in the rural areas, is the core mission of Partners for Haitian Children.

The challenges facing Haiti are enormous. Alone in the education sector, Haiti stands out because of the overwhelming percentage of students — estimated at 90% — who are educated outside the public school system. Poverty and the inability to pay school fees are much more prevalent in rural areas. The quality of non-public schools is generally poor: they receive no funds from the government, teacher salaries are low, infrastructure and facilities are poor, and there is virtually no quality control over student learning. Less than one-third of primary school students complete school.

To achieve its mission, Partners for Haitian Children (PHC) works with indigenous and external organizations to fund carefully selected programs designed to improve the quality of primary education, co-located healthcare, and nutrition, as well as to support post-primary education for the most worthy graduates.